Anger Issues, Violence and Self-Harm

Do You Find Yourself Lashing Out at Your Loved Ones or Others Much Frequently? Do People Complaint About You Getting Angry at Even the Mildest of Situations? Do You Get Embarrassed by Your Words Which You Didn’t Want to Speak Out? Does Your Child Have Issues of High Anger? Does the Class Teacher of Your Kid Complain About Him or Her Being Engaged in School Fights Over Little Things?

If You or Somebody Who You Know Does Face These Issues Then Most Probably, They Might Have Anger Issues or Something Called Intermittent Explosive Disorder (Ied.) Such Issues Can Be Faced by Anyone of Any Age Group. But You Should Know That This Particular Condition Can Be Dealt With Therapy and by Investigating the Root Cause That Might Be Responsible for That Person’s Uncontrollable Anger and Violence Related Problems.

Common Symptoms

Physical Fights
Slapping or Punching
Property Damage
Harming Animals
Verbal Fights With People

Why Should You Consult a Doctor Such Issues ?

Not Addressing These Issues Can Unfortunately Lead to the Following Things:

Workplace Related Issues
Issues in School in the Case of School Going Children
Marital Issues
Mental Health Concerns in the Long-term
Financial Difficulties Because of Losing a Job or Losing a Business Deal

Substance Abuse – Alcohol, Smoking, Drugs


Some People Use Self-harm as a Coping Mechanism for Their Emotional Troubles or for Dealing With Life. Such a Practice is Harmful and Does Need Immediate Attention for the Person to Start Recovering. Self-harm Can Also Be Associated With Other Mental Health Issues Such as Depression, Anxiety, Ocd, and Bipolar Disorder.