Bipolar Disorder and Mania

Bipolar Disorder, Also Known as Bipolar Affective Disorder (and Originally Called Manic-depressive Illness), is a Mental Disorder Characterized by Periods of Elevated Mood and Periods of Depression. The Elevated Mood is Significant and is Known as Mania or Hypomania Depending on the Severity or Whether There is Psychosis. During Mania an Individual Feel or Acts Abnormally Happy, Energetic, or Irritable. They Often Make Poorly Thought Out Decisions With Little Regard to the Consequences. The Need for Sleep is Usually Reduced. During Periods of Depression There May Be Crying, Poor Eye Contact With Others, and a Negative Outlook on Life.

All Young Children Can Be Naughty, Defiant, and Impulsive From Time to Time, Which is Perfectly Normal. However, Some Children Have Extremely Difficult and Challenging Behaviours That Are Outside the Norm of Their Age.

The Most Common Disruptive Behaviours Include Oppositional Defiant Disorder (Odd), and Conduct Disorder (Cd).