Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injury

India is one of those countries which has the highest number of rates when it comes to the incidents of serious head injuries or traumatic brain injuries. In India, nearly one person dies out of six people due to such traumatic brain injuries.

The biggest concern for such injuries that they often go misdiagnosed and the sufferer keeps living with it and not knowing what has happened to him or her. Research has shown us that the untreated brain injuries later can result in anxiety, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, ADD/ADHD, and even to suicide attempts.

How can one encounter a brain injury?

We generally associate brain injuries with people who are into sports, or with somebody who was involved in road accidents. Yes, that is true that such cases are prone to having traumatic brain injuries, but there are some other situations as well that can lead to such an unfortunate injury. Below are a few examples of the same:

In your childhood, you must have played in the open playgrounds where you must have fallen, and got injured a lot. There can be a possibility that you must have hit your head somewhere and you didn’t realize its impacts back then.

Who knows when you had a physical fight, your head got injured?

You might have fallen down the stairs.

So, literally, anything could have happened.

There are some things, in particular, that you can notice though:

1. If you have ever been directly hit in the head?
2. Seen stars or felt like confused for a minute or dazed?
3. Have your ever blacked out?

The Common Symptoms for Traumatic Brain Injuries:

1. Moodiness
2. Confusion
3 Memory Issues
4. Sleeping Problems
5. Vision Problems
6. Nausea
7. Angry Outbursts
8. Social Isolation
9. Difficulties with finding a word
10. Concentration issues
11. Sensitive to noise/ light
12. Mental or Physical Fatigue
13. Anxiety
14. Social Isolation

If you have been witnessing such symptoms and have had past accidents mentioned, above, then you can anytime contact us for a consultation with Dr. Aarti Midha for the same.