Lyme Disease and Other Infections

Do you have depression or Lyme disease?

Do you have some psychiatric disorder or some infections that are affecting your brain functioning?

You might be surprised to know that various infections that enter your body from an outside source can mess up your brain’s performance massively.

What is “LYME”?

The Lyme disease, in particular, comes from the bacterial infection that is caused by the bite of a black-legged tick. Unfortunately, Lyme disease often doesn’t get diagnosed due to a lack of awareness in the medical community. The early detection of Lyme disease can be healed by giving antibiotics, but any long-term exposure can lead to severe health results. Some of those are as follows:

1. Inflammatory responses
2. Reduction in blood flow
3. Impair healthy brain functioning
4. The weakening of the immune system


1. Impaired speech functioning
2. Memory Issues
3. Poor Decision Making and Problem-Solving Issues
4. Concentration, Focus Related Troubles, and Short Attention Span
5. Hallucinations
6. Sleeping Problems
7. Decline in Libido
8. Addictive Behaviours
9. Issues of violence
10. Suicidal Attempts or Thoughts
11. Eating Issues
12. The decline in Mental Processing Speed
13. Getting Lost
14. Personality Changes/Alterations
15. Disorganized life and Poor Routine

Now, looking at all these symptoms, you might be thinking that most of these symptoms are related to depression, OCD, anxiety, schizophrenia, eating disorders, PTSD, autism, etc. But thin for a second! What if you have Lyme instead of all these psychiatric disorders?

People affected by Lyme and other infections are often misdiagnosed and are labeled with psychiatric conditions. There is a chance that you might be experiencing these symptoms in your life, but that won’t be the illness that you might be associating yourself to, and it actually might be Lyme or some other infection. Once we remove those infections, you will soon see dramatic results in your mental health.

To avoid any person’s misdiagnosis at Mindlisten Integrative Psychiatry, we first analyze your root cause and then begin with your best treatment. Sadly, conventional psychiatry doesn’t follow this approach.