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"Unlocking Potential, Nurturing Minds: Where Every Child's Smile Tells a Story of Growth and Resilience!"


Dr. Aarti Midha
Integrative Psychiatrist


Dr. Khushpreet Kaur
Clinical Psychologist


Child Counselling Psychologist

Client Testimonials

Pooja Saini

Amazing doctor with tons of knowledge and such a wonderful approach to treatment


I usually don't write much reviews but this one is worth writing.Dr Aarti Midha is a wonderful psychiatrist with very nice treatment approach.She does not write too many psychiatric medications rather focuses on overall well being of the person by good nutritional advice , healthy supplements and lifestyle measures.


Dr. Arti midha is best psychiatrist who is knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate. She explains each part of the treatment very well and works on the root causes.


Very nice doctor.Gives you enough time,explains everything.No overload of psychiatric medication rather combined approach with other healthy measures and fantastic results.

Frequently Asked Questions


What kinds of concerns are addressed by the child psychologists at your clinic?

A variety of topics are the areas of expertise for our child psychologists, such as learning disabilities, behavioral issues, anxiety, depression, and developmental issues.


What is the best way for parents to participate in their child's therapy?

Parental participation is encouraged. A crucial component of therapy is receiving regular feedback and help in putting methods into practice at home.


 How can I determine whether my child requires a visit to a psychologist?

Be aware of warning signals such as abrupt behavioral shifts, academic difficulties, social disengagement, or enduring mood swings. Our professionals can evaluate your child's requirements if you have any concerns.


 What is the suggested frequency of sessions?

The child’s needs and the treatment plan determine how often the sessions are held. Lessons may be held more frequently at first and modified as needed as development occurs.


What activities are covered in the first meeting? ?

 initial appointment consists of a thorough examination in which the psychologist learns about the past, present, and worries regarding your child. Understanding your child's specific needs is the goal of this collaborative effort.


How much time does a normal therapy session last? ?

35–60 minutes is the average length of therapy sessions. But the length can change according to each person's requirements and the type of therapy used.

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