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Meet Dr. Aarti Midha

Dr. Aarti Midha is MD Psychiatry from SMS Medical college Jaipur.and ABAARM from the American board of Antiaging and Regenerative medicine, USA. She is a Psychiatrist by profession and metabolic & nutritional medicine physician by passion. She helps people heal their chronic diseases by conventional psychiatry along with holistic approach.

In addition to symptomatic medications, Dr. Midha’s treatment approach includes Nutritional Psychiatry, Lifestyle Modification, Psychoneuroendocrinology (Regulation of Hormones and Neurotransmitters), Psychoneurogastroenterology (Intestinal Health and Gut-Brain Axis) and Psychoneuroimmunology (Management of Chronic Inflammation and Immune System dysfunction); Stress Management and Psychotherapy. She believes that the conventional method of psychopharmacology is important in symptom management but it can not be used alone especially if we want to work on the root cause of the problem.

Dr. Midha believes in finding out the root cause of the problem and not just superficially alleviating the symptoms. The principles behind integrative psychiatry are to address all the factors that may be causing the illness and treating the person as a whole. Therefore, Dr. Midha takes into consideration co-existing medical conditions, genetic influences, hormonal imbalances, dietary habits and nutritional deficiencies, inflammatory and auto-immune conditions, gut-brain dysfunctions, faulty lifestyle patterns, psychological stressors and conflicts.


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