Yes, Behavioural Addictions Are A Thing. Many Of Us Live Under The Impression That Addictions Can Only Be Of Substances Like Alcohol, And Drugs But There Are Other Several Addictions That We As Individuals Go Through. It Can Come In Many Forms And The Person Won’t Even Realise It Until And Unless Its Starts Hindering Their Life In A Negative Way. If An Activity That You Engage In Frequently Is Causing You Troubles, Disturbance, And Is Affecting Your Daily Routine, Then Most Probably You Are Experiencing A Situation Of Being An Addict. But Don’t You Worry At All; Mindlisten Has Got You Covered.

Below Are Some Of The Most Common Behavioural Addictions:

1. Sex And Pornography Addiction – Nearly 1 In 20 People Suffer From This Issue. Such An Addiction Is Not Just About The Physicality But Also About The Emotional And Social Burden That A Person Goes Through.

2. Gambling – A Lot Of People Indulge In Gambling Activities And They Lose Control Over Their Urges Of Chronic Gambling. Thye Would Even Do It Even If They Are Out Of Money And Would Even Go To Lengths For Asking Financial Debt From Other People.

3. Internet And Social Media – Globally, It Has Been Estimated That Nearly 12 Percent Of The Social Media Users Have A Genuine Social Media Addiction. Youngsters Were The First Ones To Get Affected By This But The Widespread Internet Data Available To Many People Today Has Even Started To Affect The Mature And Old-age Groups.

4. Gaming – Who Recently Accepted Gaming Addiction As A Disorder In The 11th Revision Of The International Classification Of Diseases (Icd-11.) A Very Small Proportion Of The Population Is Affected By This Sort Of Addiction But We Need To Start Taking Measures Now To Stop Our Children From Navigating Onto A Path That Can Start Affecting Their Lives In A Wrong Manner.

5. Self-harm – It Is One Of The Most Common Behavioural Issue Amongst People All Over The World. An Intervention From A Psychiatrist Would Benefit A Lot.

6. Exercise – Many Sportsperson And Athletes Often Get Addicted To Exercise Way Too Much. Although It Can Happen To Anybody.

7. Food – Many People Use Food as Way of Escaping Out of Their Troubled Emotions or Some Just Can’t Control Their Cravings. Such an Addiction is One of the Leading Causes of Obesity.

8. Shopping – Overspending Can Be An Issue For Both Men And Women. It Is Important In Life To Manage Your Finances But It Can Get Difficult For Someone Who Has Been Struggling With Such An Addiction Or For Any Other Addiction Issue Mentioned.

Early Signs Of Behavioural Addiction

Psychological Problems – Less, Mild, Or No Control Over The Behaviour Of Putting An End To That Activity, Having Guilty Feelings Because Of The Same.

In The Case Of Pornography Or Sex Addiction – Relationship Troubles Because Of Excess Pornography Consumption Or Due To Affairs, Or Overspending Into Prostitution.

Financial Troubles Because Of Overspending

Physical Issues Such As Hurting Due To Excessive Workout Sessions, Health Issues Invited Due To The Overeating, Sleep Problem Because Of Gaming, Etc.

Family Troubles Because Of Not Being Responsible Or Complaints Of Not Spending Enough Time With Them.

There Might Be Chances That You Also Might Have Co-occurring Conditions Such As Depression, Anxiety, Attention Issues, Traumatic Brain Injury, Substance Abuse, Etc.

We Need More Encouragement In The Society To Recognise Behavioural Addictions As An Issue. If You Have Been Facing Sex Or Pornography Addiction, Gambling, Food, Shopping, Exercise, Self-harm Issues, Or Any Other Addiction; Our Doors Are Always Welcome For You. It Would Be Our Pleasure To Give You The Best Treatment That Can Get You Back On Track.